Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surprise Farewell Party

Hello again me lovelies ^^
It's definitely been awhile since i've posted my last one.Great to be back again and writing bout my life.  Judging by the title 'Surprise' well it was really a surprise!!

Last Saturday,26/5/2012, my friends planned a surprise party for my farewell as i am living for Perth next month to study abroad.....(not prepared to leave tbh :s ) 
My good friend Thien asked me out for movies and i said sure.Well the timing that i planned to meet her was kinda screwed up!HAHA... i was supposed to dye my hair at around 10am at the mall but ended up dying around 11-12ish like that?Since my sister is with me and doing her hair too,it takes longer cause there is only 1 stylist.So i ended up going home at 3.30pm to change and head back to the mall to eat and watch movie :)

What to expect when you're expecting was not bad.It was funny..Hahaha...The only thing i don't get is...Why the awful sad off tune music?ahahha those who have watched it will know...It is kinda weird....hmm...><
J.Lo was great in the movie ^^ Love her~

After the movies it was like already 7pm and my friend had no transport back.Well thats what she told me and i'm fine with it.Then when i got into my sister's car,i saw KFC Chicken...and i was like.....I thought we are going to Savy's to eat dinner?!Then she said its for my brother and her wife...Well i was kinda curious bout it but i saw 2 drinks only and i thought well yeah maybe....

When i got home,looks normal,went up the stairs,it was dark....then suddenly "SURPRISE!!" ....Shock me a little HAHAHA...People were hiding behind the was too dark to see at first cause its already night time so i didnt see any one....Definitely a surprise....i could have thought of it but didn't think hard enough to actually thought it was going to happen!Hahahaha (:

I would like to thank my friends who came and planned this for me.I have never had anyone done a surprise party for me...Great experience that is and was great to see some of my friends whom i never seen for 4 months or so....

Here are some pictures to describe my awesome Saturday (:

Thien and I at Swensons just before the movie ^^

Polaroid photos ^^ 

What my friends did on that day ^^ I feel so grateful to have you guys as my friends (:

Juan did a great job on planning this.Such creativity that she print out these cut outs.Was definitely fun (: (P.s Those faces are .... lol)

I will forever remember this day and will cherish this forever (: 
Will miss you all for sure and All the best and when i get back from the land down under!!Make sure you remember me.hehehehe

I hope you readers out there enjoy this post ^^
All for now (: Remember to check back my next post on Good Sunday!!

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