Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Sunday

Hello again!
I'm back with another post because i just couldn't fit into my last one.It just seems too long and i bet it might bored you guys if its too long ^^
I had a great Sunday yesterday with my sister and mummy (: Waking up early on a Sunday and enjoying it with your love ones is just the best thing ever.

 Went to Golden Leaf Restaurant and had Bah-Kut-Teh!! It was yummay~ ahaha
Later in the afternoon,had Blitz yogurt with my sister~ Blitz is definitely really nice and its way cheaper than Tutti Frutti eventhough their yogurt taste real nice too... :P

Me in my new Hello Kitty glasses that i bought for $7.80 from Little Glamourz in Facebook.
The sales lady was really sweet and friendly ^^ She is pretty too!Was great meeting her,she has patience to wait for like a lot of weeks.Cause i had no time to get em.

My farewell gift i got from my friends ^^ Especially Juan for taking the time to go out and buy it.

I still don't know what to name this guy.....Hmmm...

Penguin named Snowflake that i got from my childhood/best friend that has already left Brunei and is studying in NZ currently. :(   + Sheepy/Jolly Mah~

Went to Bossini with my sister to look around a little.Bought 2 shirts both in stripes!Hahaha
1 is a polo t-shirt and the other is a long sleeved shirt.Its really soft and comfy,thick too.
I might buy another colour of the long sleeved one because in Perth its like winter!!Gotta get prepared you know...hehehehe...

Well thats all for now.I hope you guys enjoy reading it and will talk again soon ^^


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