Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fish & Co. // Wednesday & Thursday

Hello ^^
I'm back with another post update.I'm trying my best to keep up with updates so my blog won't be so dead ><!
Anyways,It's going to be about FOOD! and some stuff that i did on Wednesday & Thursday.Right now its already JUNE! 12 midnight!!Can't believe May actually pass real fast!5 more days till i'm out of Brunei! :'(
Well,i hope you enjoy reading ^^

I actually like the design of the restaurant.Totally fits the name of the restaurant.Obviously~ ^^

The workers there are really friendly ^^ Prices of the food are not bad.Affordable,i would say worth the price from my opinion.

Grilled salmon with citrus crust.
I share this with my mom as it is a big portion.Enough for 2 person.I think this cost $18.90.
I absolutely love this dish ^^ Its so freakin yummy!!I would definitely recommend this together with the mash potato!The mash potato is really smooth and creamy! (Y) I miss this!!!ahahahaha

Al fungi
I was disappointed with this one.Too much oil not sure if its normal oil or olive oil.It taste like pesto too.I wouldn't eat this the 2nd time again...

Seafood platter
This is not bad.Not as delicious and great as other Fish & Co. like in Singapore.

After dinner,my family and i had Tutti Frutti for dessert! ^^ It was really pack on that day.
Thats kinda it for my Tuesday night.

Had bibimbap that my sister made and kimchi for lunch on Wednesday! ^^ Deelicious~

Mercedes has finally arrived in MapleSEA!!Hurray~
I was glad that this time the legendary character is fixed like this (: Pretty ^^ get to choose genders.Which is kinda stupid actually...Now you will never know who is a guy or girl in real life! :o So careful who you date!HAAHHAHA

Went to Thien Thien with my mom and sister for lunch on Thursday.
Then went to the mall and shop a little..

Bought these shoes from 8th Avenue ^^ 
So soft and comfy~
It was a buy 1 free 1 sale.So my sister bought a pair of shoes for herself and each shoes cost $10+

That's all for my post for today ^^
Off to bed now~

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