Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fish & Co. // Wednesday & Thursday

Hello ^^
I'm back with another post update.I'm trying my best to keep up with updates so my blog won't be so dead ><!
Anyways,It's going to be about FOOD! and some stuff that i did on Wednesday & Thursday.Right now its already JUNE! 12 midnight!!Can't believe May actually pass real fast!5 more days till i'm out of Brunei! :'(
Well,i hope you enjoy reading ^^

I actually like the design of the restaurant.Totally fits the name of the restaurant.Obviously~ ^^

The workers there are really friendly ^^ Prices of the food are not bad.Affordable,i would say worth the price from my opinion.

Grilled salmon with citrus crust.
I share this with my mom as it is a big portion.Enough for 2 person.I think this cost $18.90.
I absolutely love this dish ^^ Its so freakin yummy!!I would definitely recommend this together with the mash potato!The mash potato is really smooth and creamy! (Y) I miss this!!!ahahahaha

Al fungi
I was disappointed with this one.Too much oil not sure if its normal oil or olive oil.It taste like pesto too.I wouldn't eat this the 2nd time again...

Seafood platter
This is not bad.Not as delicious and great as other Fish & Co. like in Singapore.

After dinner,my family and i had Tutti Frutti for dessert! ^^ It was really pack on that day.
Thats kinda it for my Tuesday night.

Had bibimbap that my sister made and kimchi for lunch on Wednesday! ^^ Deelicious~

Mercedes has finally arrived in MapleSEA!!Hurray~
I was glad that this time the legendary character is fixed like this (: Pretty ^^ get to choose genders.Which is kinda stupid actually...Now you will never know who is a guy or girl in real life! :o So careful who you date!HAAHHAHA

Went to Thien Thien with my mom and sister for lunch on Thursday.
Then went to the mall and shop a little..

Bought these shoes from 8th Avenue ^^ 
So soft and comfy~
It was a buy 1 free 1 sale.So my sister bought a pair of shoes for herself and each shoes cost $10+

That's all for my post for today ^^
Off to bed now~

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Sunday

Hello again!
I'm back with another post because i just couldn't fit into my last one.It just seems too long and i bet it might bored you guys if its too long ^^
I had a great Sunday yesterday with my sister and mummy (: Waking up early on a Sunday and enjoying it with your love ones is just the best thing ever.

 Went to Golden Leaf Restaurant and had Bah-Kut-Teh!! It was yummay~ ahaha
Later in the afternoon,had Blitz yogurt with my sister~ Blitz is definitely really nice and its way cheaper than Tutti Frutti eventhough their yogurt taste real nice too... :P

Me in my new Hello Kitty glasses that i bought for $7.80 from Little Glamourz in Facebook.
The sales lady was really sweet and friendly ^^ She is pretty too!Was great meeting her,she has patience to wait for like a lot of weeks.Cause i had no time to get em.

My farewell gift i got from my friends ^^ Especially Juan for taking the time to go out and buy it.

I still don't know what to name this guy.....Hmmm...

Penguin named Snowflake that i got from my childhood/best friend that has already left Brunei and is studying in NZ currently. :(   + Sheepy/Jolly Mah~

Went to Bossini with my sister to look around a little.Bought 2 shirts both in stripes!Hahaha
1 is a polo t-shirt and the other is a long sleeved shirt.Its really soft and comfy,thick too.
I might buy another colour of the long sleeved one because in Perth its like winter!!Gotta get prepared you know...hehehehe...

Well thats all for now.I hope you guys enjoy reading it and will talk again soon ^^


Surprise Farewell Party

Hello again me lovelies ^^
It's definitely been awhile since i've posted my last one.Great to be back again and writing bout my life.  Judging by the title 'Surprise' well it was really a surprise!!

Last Saturday,26/5/2012, my friends planned a surprise party for my farewell as i am living for Perth next month to study abroad.....(not prepared to leave tbh :s ) 
My good friend Thien asked me out for movies and i said sure.Well the timing that i planned to meet her was kinda screwed up!HAHA... i was supposed to dye my hair at around 10am at the mall but ended up dying around 11-12ish like that?Since my sister is with me and doing her hair too,it takes longer cause there is only 1 stylist.So i ended up going home at 3.30pm to change and head back to the mall to eat and watch movie :)

What to expect when you're expecting was not bad.It was funny..Hahaha...The only thing i don't get is...Why the awful sad off tune music?ahahha those who have watched it will know...It is kinda weird....hmm...><
J.Lo was great in the movie ^^ Love her~

After the movies it was like already 7pm and my friend had no transport back.Well thats what she told me and i'm fine with it.Then when i got into my sister's car,i saw KFC Chicken...and i was like.....I thought we are going to Savy's to eat dinner?!Then she said its for my brother and her wife...Well i was kinda curious bout it but i saw 2 drinks only and i thought well yeah maybe....

When i got home,looks normal,went up the stairs,it was dark....then suddenly "SURPRISE!!" ....Shock me a little HAHAHA...People were hiding behind the was too dark to see at first cause its already night time so i didnt see any one....Definitely a surprise....i could have thought of it but didn't think hard enough to actually thought it was going to happen!Hahahaha (:

I would like to thank my friends who came and planned this for me.I have never had anyone done a surprise party for me...Great experience that is and was great to see some of my friends whom i never seen for 4 months or so....

Here are some pictures to describe my awesome Saturday (:

Thien and I at Swensons just before the movie ^^

Polaroid photos ^^ 

What my friends did on that day ^^ I feel so grateful to have you guys as my friends (:

Juan did a great job on planning this.Such creativity that she print out these cut outs.Was definitely fun (: (P.s Those faces are .... lol)

I will forever remember this day and will cherish this forever (: 
Will miss you all for sure and All the best and when i get back from the land down under!!Make sure you remember me.hehehehe

I hope you readers out there enjoy this post ^^
All for now (: Remember to check back my next post on Good Sunday!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Haul : Bubbi Brushes

Hello (:
I have another haul today and its about the BUBBI BRUSHES!!
Bubbi Brushes are create by a Youtube Make up guru named BubzBeauty.

I actually wanted to get the Sigma Make Me Cool Brush Kit but it cost a heap like around $190-200.So i decided to get the Bubbi Brushes instead and asked my sister to order it for me in Aussie.I got the full set Bubbi brushes.There is also a basic set.Its a great investment really,cost me AUD90-100 which includes shipping and tax plus the quality of the brushes are awesome!They are really soft and there is hardly any fall out of bristles when deep cleaning them.So yeah,its pretty good! ^^ My first ever full set of brushes!~Finally :D
[WARNING: Pictures are Heavy]

It came in a cute packaging ^^ With a Thank You card in it.

11 brushes total.2 dual ended.

Bubbi Dual Cover [Foundation + Concealer] 

Bubbi Flawless HD

I love this brush :3 Its really dense and great for foundation.
It is angled shape which can be easy when applying foundation to hard to reach places on your face.

Bubbi Powder

Bubbi Multi Retractable brush

This brush can be adjust by pulling the red part higher if you want to contour or highlight.

Bubbi Buffer

Dense.Picks up just the right amount of powder (:

Bubbi Angled Liner

This liner is larger than any of my liner brushes.Which is good cause i don't have to apply it in small swiping motion.Its long enough for me to just do 1 long swipe on my eyes.

Bubbi Dual Eyes [Shader + Pencil]
This is pretty cause the bristles are white!But i am afraid when apply colours it will stain.Hopefully it won't. :x

Bubbi Fluff

This is like a blending brush.Huge indeed.

My favourite too.The Bubbi Kabuki

Its super soft!! And it looks rather small here.Well its because i just opened it at that time but after i clean it,it became really fat!!Hahaha and its super duper soft like i said before (:

I didn't talk much or review these brushes because i just got them and this is a haul post.I will post a review after using them for some time.
If you want to know more about this brushes please see this video of BubzBeauty demonstrating her brushes ^^
I hope you enjoy this post,well mostly pictures!Hahaha.Talk again soon.BYEEEx