Sunday, April 29, 2012

MISSHA Grand Opening + Hauls

Hello lovelies ^^
Been on a hiatus from blogging since i can't really remember when....I have been busy with family and friends lately.Nothing much has happened in my life interms of events,dinners,etc.
Sorry though for not posting things much.I just need more ideas on what to write :S

Anyhoo,those in Brunei would probably know that MISSHA just had a Grand Opening yesterday!!The Grand Opening is still on till tomorrow!So go to MISSHA and just check it out :D
 I have been really hyped up on their grand opening as i want to try their products.
Its unfortunate that i didn't take any pictures because it was so happening when i was there!Hahaha ~ 
I went to claim my VIP Membership Card first before going in.They will give you a little basket with the free samples/gifts inside plus a bottle of Ice Apple Tea!! =D I love apple tea..mmm ^^
The saleslady told me what are the samples are for so is great to know that.Then i went shopping in.
I was really lucky i went on their first day because they have a 20% discount all sales,and then later decreases to 15% and 10%. 

These are the samples and leaflets/booklets that they gave during the Opening.
Do excuse my starbucks stationery cup :P

These are what i bought yesterday at MISSHA.

Missha Moist 24 Hand Cream.This smells really nice!!Bought this for my mummy ^^
This cost BND$15.92 after 20% discount.

Bought 4 Pure Source Sheet Mask : Lemon,Aloe,Tea Tree and Green Tea
Cost me BND$3.12 each after discount.
I got the Red Ginseng sheet mask for free because i have spent over $100. (I also got the MISSHA Beach bag for free too ^^ )

MISSHA The Style Shine Pearl Shadow ( GBR01 )
I went to try out the shades for all these shadows and its absolutely pretty!!So shimmery and sparkly!! Bought this for BND$12.72 after 20% Discount.

Missha Creamy Matte Lip Rouge in CR01.
Its an orangey colour.Its the first time trying an orangy colour and i didn't know that orange matches me!! Hahahaha!Love this :D Bought this for BND$26.32 after 20% discount.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.23.
I actually didn't know what shade to get on that day cause i just feel like No.21 and 23 looks similar!Lol..i think its just my eyes >< But got No.23 instead ^^ It has a grey tone to it but i literally look normal when i put it on my face.And again,its just my eyes...hahahha!
Cost me BND$39.92 after 20% discount.

MISSHA The style Nail Polish : VL001 & PK004
Cost BND$4.72 after 20% discount.Original price was $5.50 (expensive much?)

Thats all for what i had bought.Now for the review on their shop here.
First of all,i was really surprise on their price line of Missha.Its just kinda more expensive than Faceshop,Etude house,etc.I'm not sure if Missha is a high-end shop but yeah,i don't think i would buy stuff from there unless there are sales going on.Just my opinion.

Thats all for now ^^