Thursday, March 8, 2012

STOP KONY 2012!!

Don't know what's KONY 2012 is all about? WATCH THIS

JOSEPH KONY is the number one worst criminal who abducts children and force them to KILL their parents and friends and become SEX SLAVES for GIRLS.Now we do not want that!!HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR 20 YEARS AND PEOPLE DIDN'T CARE!NOW,WE CARE!

It's time for us to realise that this world isn't safe!Children that are not known to us gets abducted and kidnapped because of JOSEPH KONY AND HIS REBEL ARMY,THE L.R.A!
In order for us to stop all this,WE,The Voices of the Invisible Children,NEED TO SHARE THIS VIDEO,DONATE,SPREAD IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!Bring down JOSEPH KONY once and for all!!

Please visit To Pledge,donate or get the Kony Action Kit!

Bring this world to JUSTICE!!


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