Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tony Moly Review

Hey lovelies~
I'm back for another haul/review post on Tony Moly.Just a mini one.I'm not those type of rich people who buys tons and tons in a day. ^^ I was actually suppose to do this haul before i left for Perth but i couldn't find any time to do as i was busy packing.But the good thing is that i've got some time to use these products and make a review for you guys. (:
Well anyhooo,I went to Tony Moly last last Thursday which was the 2nd of February with my friend Thien.
Tony Moly Peach Lip Balm

I want to buy a lip balm before my trip to Perth because it's Summer currently and my lips can be really dry as the whether is super duper HOT!

I actually wanted to buy and try the Cherry or the Blueberry lip tint balm but the sales lady recommended me this one.As i was told,this lip balm is the number 1 best seller in Korea and is always sold out really quickly.By listening to the sales lady might as well try it right?
The packaging is really cute and can be brought anywhere with you even when you travel.
This lip balm really improved the texture and dryness of my lips.It doesn't feel sticky like some lip balms.Its quite moisturizing to the lips.I would recommend this lip balm from Tony Moly for those who have dry and flaky lips. (:
I would rate this a 4/5 just because i really don't like the packaging as in i have to use my fingers to apply onto my lips.It can be unhygienic but i might as well get use to it.I just have to not think about it whenever i use it.Hahaha~

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner in Black

I really wanted to try this because of many good reviews about this gel liner so i went ahead and bought it.I currently use the Bobbi Brown gel liner as well as this gel liner.This gel liner is really good,no kidding!The texture is really smooth and the colour is really pigmented.Its really comparable to the Bobbi Brown gel liner but i observe both gel liner and the Bobbi Brown will get abit dry(Just abit,not alot) after many use of applying.The tony moly one stays the way it is.Unless you apply infront of a fan or an air-cond,then you'll might encounter dryness to the gel liner.
Plus this gel liner is affordable than the Bobbi Brown one as it is a well-known brand.
I think i bought this for $20+ dollars?I kind of forgot the price.Sorry.

I definitely would rate this a 5/5 because it doesnt smudge for me ( about 6-7 hours ) and its kind of water proof i should say...It doesn't go off even you rub it with water,unless its really hard till your eyes turns red (:
Oh and one more thing,if you're apply this to your eyes,do leave it dry for a few seconds because it might smudge your lids.*Recommend for mono lids* Like me ><
Another tip if you want your liner to last more longer,apply a black eyeshadow on top of the liner.Thats what i would always do and i never got any crackling ever again.. (:

Well thats it for my Haul/Review.I hope you guys enjoy reading it and will be posting again soon ^^
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day yesterday!!

Its just me and my guitar for Valentines,sadly.But i'm happy and loving my life and wouldn't want to change it. ^^
Much love,Byee


  1. nice. i;m hooked with Tonymoly's Peach Hand Cream, it smells so delicious :P

  2. Thanks ^^ OMG yeahh..i smelled the hand cream too and its so damn good...I wanted to get one but i've already got my Etude house one. :(