Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sephora haul.

Hello ^^
I have another haul on make up (whatelse?) from Sephora,Singapore!!!
My friend,Juan, is kind enough to help me buy some stuff since she went to Singapore a few weeks ago.
Just like to say Thanks again to her. (:

Now let's start on what i bought.....

I actually wanted the MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 only.But i was surprised to see there is a package and inside there was 2 lipsticks.Juan told me that there was a promotion going on and if you guy 2 its only for like around $25+? And she said that her mom's friend has discounts so it became $22.50!

MAC Viva Glam Packaging.

A pouch that came with the lipsticks (:

Viva Glam 1 & 2
One is a lustre and the other is an amplified.

Its actually a fortunate thing that she bought 2 of these cause i like the nude one better than the pink one.Hahahaha

I too bought the ChinaGlaze : For Audrey. I really love this colour.It looks like a reall nice aqua/blue on sunlight but when dimmed light its like a Teal colour!Fascinating....hahahhaa It last really long too and i only use this on my nails with 1 coat.Good pigmentation.
I'm not going to give swatches on this because its really popular right?and there are alot of swatches out there for you already.

Urban decay Primer Potion.
I bought 2 to stock up.Just because i might not be going to Singapore or like Sephora might as well prepare myself when it does finish (:

It's 10% more primer that the Potion packaging.I definitely like their new packaging because its easier to apply this time and like won't waste any products as you can squeeze it out.

Thats all for my Sephora haul.Hope you guys like it ^^

Will be going to Perth,Austrailia for my sister's graduation on Friday.Pretty excited and i haven't even pack my luggage yet!!Probably will be doing a what's in my travel bag/make up bag for travel post tomorrow....but for now....i'm off !



  1. I've been looking for that China Glaze color everywhere! It's so pretty.