Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing In Action

Hey Readers :)
Sorry for not posting for so many days.As some of you know,i've been MIA since 3rd February for my sister's graduation in Perth and i just got back today at around 5pm.Took quite a long nap after i reached home as i am sick right now.Ears been blocked for days and can't stand it but its fine right now ^^

Anyways,my holiday has been awesome.Its sad to leave Perth,its just like my second home.Well kinda,I will be going back to Perth again maybe in April or May for my studies.I don't really have anything much to say right now as it is already midnight....I will be posting up my trip maybe a week or two ( i know its kind of long) because the pictures are not with me right now...I had to transfer to my sister's computer in Perth to have more space and i didn't bring my hard disk with me and she had already went to Sydney with her boyfriend.

I had left alot of stuff there too...Was really disappointed in myself for forgetting ~.~

Well i'll stop my post from here (: Not a long post just to keep you guys posted.Hope everyone have a great week!!


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