Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Hey hey,ready for this post?Cause its going to be dee-li-cious ^^
As you all know,my photos on my trip to Perth,Malaysia are mostly not with me.But fortunately i do have a few for you guys.I decided not to post any Perth trips yet because i want to post it when i have all of my photos.
As some of you know,In order to travel to Perth from Brunei,there has to be a transit either to KL or Singapore.So after Perth,i had to travel back to Kuala Lumpur before going back to Brunei.
On my last day of my holiday trip in Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur,me and my mom,sis and aunt went to have a late dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant which is a Hong Kong Restaurant.The place is always pack even if its daytime or night time.They close at 1am everyday which is a good thing because some people like to hang out or meet up with friends late night.

These are the ones that comes in sets with the meal we ordered.

As well as this one ^^ Tomato soup,really yummm~

Curry Pork.Some one like a bibimbap style. (: Really delicious.Must try!

This is too a dish similar to bibimbap.I don't know whats the name call btw.
Cheesebaked rice ^^ A must try definitely when you visit to Kim Gary's.
This is the one with white sauce.

Cheesebaked Rice with red sauce (italian sauce)

Just by looking at these,i miss it already!! ><

That's the end of my post.Not much talking,more pictures cause i'm lazy to talk right now....I just have nothing much to say.I hope you guys like this post ^^ Will be posting again soon....

Bye loves,

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