Sunday, February 19, 2012

The FaceShop mini haul/MISSHA is coming ^^

Hello lovelies.
Another post for you guys since i'm freaking bored right now.Went out with my friends today to watch Ghost Rider 2.


I personally think that this movie is not bad.My friends say that its boring and all.Well i felt kinda bad for booking and buying it in the first place if they didn't want to watch it though but they say it without realising that i'm there.It kinda pisses you off abit,don't you think? Well at least fake it than making people feel bad for themselves.
But all of these doesn't matter anymore.Just wanting to share. (:
Anyways,it's a pretty good movie but i think the first one is better....but overall not bad lah...

After the movie,we head to the FaceShop.I bought just a couple of things when i was there.I kinda regreted for not using the discounts that the sales lady had given to me last time for renewing my membership card.Totally wasted!!!
Lovely ME:EX Eyeshadow
I currently have one too but its the old packaging.It's a very nice and good black.It looks very glittery in here but when you apply on to the lids,you can't really see alot of glitter.

I just can't get away with neutral colours.Went ahead on buying this one because i think the colour is pretty ^^ and i mostly use brown anyways.

Cotton pads.Have no idea why i took a picture of it.HAHAHA

This is how it looks inside.

Oil blotting paper
I get oily most of the times so i always buy this.

Sponge applicator
I haven't use this in awhile.Its actually a really good tool for applying shadows cause it won't have alot of fall out when you apply it IMO.
I'll most probably use this on my CS Shimmer Pallete.

That's the end of my daily posts ^^

Missha was born from the belief that makeup should be an inexpensive
and essential element in enhancing beauty rather than an indulgence. Since its initial launch on the internet in 2000, Missha has carried this simple idea forward by offering affordable products whose value lies in the contents rather than the packaging.
The Missha Love flower represents beauty and the woman. Missha offers an extensive portfolio of over 600 products ranging from skincare, body care, makeup, fragrance and hair care lines.
Its products are the result of extensive quality and allergy testing, regular customer feedback and a firm ideology that values environmentally conscious behaviour and responsible corporate citizenship.

Basically its a Korean cosmetics shop.I've always been wanting to try their BB creams after seeing alot of reviews on MISSHA products. ^^
Can't wait!

Till here.


  1. love the eyeshadows, I somehow never have the guts to buy single shadows, always a palette be it a 3-4 color palettes. Missha sucks :( Why are they coming to Brunei when one wants to save money, they're so EVIL! :(

  2. and also, yes, sponge applicators are so practical to use, I find most people think highly of eyeshadow brushes that they forgot about sponge applicators.

  3. Hahaha Yeah,when we're thinking of saving money another brand comes out in Brunei!Sponge applicators are the best~