Sunday, February 19, 2012

The FaceShop mini haul/MISSHA is coming ^^

Hello lovelies.
Another post for you guys since i'm freaking bored right now.Went out with my friends today to watch Ghost Rider 2.


I personally think that this movie is not bad.My friends say that its boring and all.Well i felt kinda bad for booking and buying it in the first place if they didn't want to watch it though but they say it without realising that i'm there.It kinda pisses you off abit,don't you think? Well at least fake it than making people feel bad for themselves.
But all of these doesn't matter anymore.Just wanting to share. (:
Anyways,it's a pretty good movie but i think the first one is better....but overall not bad lah...

After the movie,we head to the FaceShop.I bought just a couple of things when i was there.I kinda regreted for not using the discounts that the sales lady had given to me last time for renewing my membership card.Totally wasted!!!
Lovely ME:EX Eyeshadow
I currently have one too but its the old packaging.It's a very nice and good black.It looks very glittery in here but when you apply on to the lids,you can't really see alot of glitter.

I just can't get away with neutral colours.Went ahead on buying this one because i think the colour is pretty ^^ and i mostly use brown anyways.

Cotton pads.Have no idea why i took a picture of it.HAHAHA

This is how it looks inside.

Oil blotting paper
I get oily most of the times so i always buy this.

Sponge applicator
I haven't use this in awhile.Its actually a really good tool for applying shadows cause it won't have alot of fall out when you apply it IMO.
I'll most probably use this on my CS Shimmer Pallete.

That's the end of my daily posts ^^

Missha was born from the belief that makeup should be an inexpensive
and essential element in enhancing beauty rather than an indulgence. Since its initial launch on the internet in 2000, Missha has carried this simple idea forward by offering affordable products whose value lies in the contents rather than the packaging.
The Missha Love flower represents beauty and the woman. Missha offers an extensive portfolio of over 600 products ranging from skincare, body care, makeup, fragrance and hair care lines.
Its products are the result of extensive quality and allergy testing, regular customer feedback and a firm ideology that values environmentally conscious behaviour and responsible corporate citizenship.

Basically its a Korean cosmetics shop.I've always been wanting to try their BB creams after seeing alot of reviews on MISSHA products. ^^
Can't wait!

Till here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bright + Neutral Summer Make Up

Hello lovelies.
Decided to create my version of an eye look great for Summer a few days ago.It is Summer in Australia right now if you all don't know.
This look is great for daytime and even night time.Great for monolids as i am one but also great for double lids.Just have to apply the eyeshadows more higher so it can be seen when eyes are opened.I didn't use any false eyelashes that day because i was too lazy... xP Its your choice to use falsie if you want to.
Products used to achieve this look :
Urban Decay Eye Primer
Etude House LuciDarling eyeshadow quad ( #6 Golden Brown )
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow pallete
Tony Moly Gel Liner
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Volume On Mascara

Products used on the face :
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige
Candydoll Finishing powder
MAC VivaGlam Gaga in 1# & #2
Rimmel Blush in 001 Spring Flower

Contact lens : GEO Diamond Series in Grey

Without flash

With Flash

How i did it :
1. Apply an eye primer before applying eyeshadow.
2. Apply a light brown eyeshadow on lids,browbone as well as inner corner of the eyes.
3.Apply a dark brown eyeshadow at the ends of lids to make an outer V shape.
4.Apply a hot pink eyeshadow next to the dark brown and blend.
5.Apply a medium toned orange next to the hot pink and blend.
6.Apply a light orange next to the medium toned orange and blend.
7.Apply a black eyeshadow on top of the dark brown.
8. Apply a dark purple/blue at the bottom of waterline.
9. Apply eyeliner on top and bottom and curl lashes and mascara.
10. You're done ^^

In this photo,i used the MAC Viva Glam Gaga in #2

Camera didn't focus on my face -.-''

I used the MAC VivaGlam Gaga in #1 for my lips.

I hope you readers liked it and will be posting up again soon ^^  Do follow my blog for more looks like this one.Comment and share if you like.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Hey hey,ready for this post?Cause its going to be dee-li-cious ^^
As you all know,my photos on my trip to Perth,Malaysia are mostly not with me.But fortunately i do have a few for you guys.I decided not to post any Perth trips yet because i want to post it when i have all of my photos.
As some of you know,In order to travel to Perth from Brunei,there has to be a transit either to KL or Singapore.So after Perth,i had to travel back to Kuala Lumpur before going back to Brunei.
On my last day of my holiday trip in Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur,me and my mom,sis and aunt went to have a late dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant which is a Hong Kong Restaurant.The place is always pack even if its daytime or night time.They close at 1am everyday which is a good thing because some people like to hang out or meet up with friends late night.

These are the ones that comes in sets with the meal we ordered.

As well as this one ^^ Tomato soup,really yummm~

Curry Pork.Some one like a bibimbap style. (: Really delicious.Must try!

This is too a dish similar to bibimbap.I don't know whats the name call btw.
Cheesebaked rice ^^ A must try definitely when you visit to Kim Gary's.
This is the one with white sauce.

Cheesebaked Rice with red sauce (italian sauce)

Just by looking at these,i miss it already!! ><

That's the end of my post.Not much talking,more pictures cause i'm lazy to talk right now....I just have nothing much to say.I hope you guys like this post ^^ Will be posting again soon....

Bye loves,

Tony Moly Review

Hey lovelies~
I'm back for another haul/review post on Tony Moly.Just a mini one.I'm not those type of rich people who buys tons and tons in a day. ^^ I was actually suppose to do this haul before i left for Perth but i couldn't find any time to do as i was busy packing.But the good thing is that i've got some time to use these products and make a review for you guys. (:
Well anyhooo,I went to Tony Moly last last Thursday which was the 2nd of February with my friend Thien.
Tony Moly Peach Lip Balm

I want to buy a lip balm before my trip to Perth because it's Summer currently and my lips can be really dry as the whether is super duper HOT!

I actually wanted to buy and try the Cherry or the Blueberry lip tint balm but the sales lady recommended me this one.As i was told,this lip balm is the number 1 best seller in Korea and is always sold out really quickly.By listening to the sales lady might as well try it right?
The packaging is really cute and can be brought anywhere with you even when you travel.
This lip balm really improved the texture and dryness of my lips.It doesn't feel sticky like some lip balms.Its quite moisturizing to the lips.I would recommend this lip balm from Tony Moly for those who have dry and flaky lips. (:
I would rate this a 4/5 just because i really don't like the packaging as in i have to use my fingers to apply onto my lips.It can be unhygienic but i might as well get use to it.I just have to not think about it whenever i use it.Hahaha~

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner in Black

I really wanted to try this because of many good reviews about this gel liner so i went ahead and bought it.I currently use the Bobbi Brown gel liner as well as this gel liner.This gel liner is really good,no kidding!The texture is really smooth and the colour is really pigmented.Its really comparable to the Bobbi Brown gel liner but i observe both gel liner and the Bobbi Brown will get abit dry(Just abit,not alot) after many use of applying.The tony moly one stays the way it is.Unless you apply infront of a fan or an air-cond,then you'll might encounter dryness to the gel liner.
Plus this gel liner is affordable than the Bobbi Brown one as it is a well-known brand.
I think i bought this for $20+ dollars?I kind of forgot the price.Sorry.

I definitely would rate this a 5/5 because it doesnt smudge for me ( about 6-7 hours ) and its kind of water proof i should say...It doesn't go off even you rub it with water,unless its really hard till your eyes turns red (:
Oh and one more thing,if you're apply this to your eyes,do leave it dry for a few seconds because it might smudge your lids.*Recommend for mono lids* Like me ><
Another tip if you want your liner to last more longer,apply a black eyeshadow on top of the liner.Thats what i would always do and i never got any crackling ever again.. (:

Well thats it for my Haul/Review.I hope you guys enjoy reading it and will be posting again soon ^^
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day yesterday!!

Its just me and my guitar for Valentines,sadly.But i'm happy and loving my life and wouldn't want to change it. ^^
Much love,Byee

Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing In Action

Hey Readers :)
Sorry for not posting for so many days.As some of you know,i've been MIA since 3rd February for my sister's graduation in Perth and i just got back today at around 5pm.Took quite a long nap after i reached home as i am sick right now.Ears been blocked for days and can't stand it but its fine right now ^^

Anyways,my holiday has been awesome.Its sad to leave Perth,its just like my second home.Well kinda,I will be going back to Perth again maybe in April or May for my studies.I don't really have anything much to say right now as it is already midnight....I will be posting up my trip maybe a week or two ( i know its kind of long) because the pictures are not with me right now...I had to transfer to my sister's computer in Perth to have more space and i didn't bring my hard disk with me and she had already went to Sydney with her boyfriend.

I had left alot of stuff there too...Was really disappointed in myself for forgetting ~.~

Well i'll stop my post from here (: Not a long post just to keep you guys posted.Hope everyone have a great week!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sephora haul.

Hello ^^
I have another haul on make up (whatelse?) from Sephora,Singapore!!!
My friend,Juan, is kind enough to help me buy some stuff since she went to Singapore a few weeks ago.
Just like to say Thanks again to her. (:

Now let's start on what i bought.....

I actually wanted the MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 only.But i was surprised to see there is a package and inside there was 2 lipsticks.Juan told me that there was a promotion going on and if you guy 2 its only for like around $25+? And she said that her mom's friend has discounts so it became $22.50!

MAC Viva Glam Packaging.

A pouch that came with the lipsticks (:

Viva Glam 1 & 2
One is a lustre and the other is an amplified.

Its actually a fortunate thing that she bought 2 of these cause i like the nude one better than the pink one.Hahahaha

I too bought the ChinaGlaze : For Audrey. I really love this colour.It looks like a reall nice aqua/blue on sunlight but when dimmed light its like a Teal colour!Fascinating....hahahhaa It last really long too and i only use this on my nails with 1 coat.Good pigmentation.
I'm not going to give swatches on this because its really popular right?and there are alot of swatches out there for you already.

Urban decay Primer Potion.
I bought 2 to stock up.Just because i might not be going to Singapore or like Sephora might as well prepare myself when it does finish (:

It's 10% more primer that the Potion packaging.I definitely like their new packaging because its easier to apply this time and like won't waste any products as you can squeeze it out.

Thats all for my Sephora haul.Hope you guys like it ^^

Will be going to Perth,Austrailia for my sister's graduation on Friday.Pretty excited and i haven't even pack my luggage yet!!Probably will be doing a what's in my travel bag/make up bag for travel post tomorrow....but for now....i'm off !