Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viral Factor! & Circle Lenses!!

Hello again! ^^
How ya'll doing?(Texas much?)
Had a great Saturday at the mall with my friends.
Went to layered my hair...Hmmm not really fond of it but i'll get use to it (:
Then i ate at Swensons then a movie....
Watched Viral Factor staring Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse. :D

The movie was freaking awesome!!!
Alot of action and sadness to the film.Great movie!A definitely must watch!!
They shot their film in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia which is really awesome.....
But all the bad malay or indian body guard are kinda fail in looking out for good guys...No offence
The shooting at Times Square was really the helicopters (:
The ending of the movie was really sad,both brothers trying to sacrifice themselves for the other but Jay Chou decided to sacrifice at the end!! ><
I would watch it again if i can (: Its just really good to watch it again.No words to describe....

Here's the sypnosis (SPOILER ALERT) :
On a mission to protect a scientist who has stolen a copy of the smallpox virus, Sean (Andy On) betrays his team of police officers in order to get the virus so he can mutate it into a biological weapon, develop a vaccine and sell it to a corrupt pharmaceutical company. The failed mission leaves Wan Fei (Jay Chou) injured and his girlfriend (Bai Bing) dead. With two weeks to live, he decides to spend his remaining days with his mother (Elaine Jin) who tells him that he has a long lost brother, Wan Yang (Nicholas Tse) whom she left behind with his father (Liu Kai Chi). Wan Fei decides to track Wan Yang down in Malaysia but upon arrival, he discovers that Wan Yang has become a wanted felon and is part of the plot orchestrated by Sean. Wan Fei is drawn into the conflict, only to protect his family but to ensure his brother does not go further down the road of unrighteousness and to take down Sean's operation for good.

After the movie,we headed down to Snow Ice.Damn the place there was cold and blue...gave me a headache with all the blue lights.
Ate a nice cold Mango Crush eventhough i'm like super duper freezing.....

Ooooo , suprisingly a nice hd quality on my iPhone x)
And i thought those fruit cubes were mango but it actually was peach cubes! -.-
They changed mango to peach without changing the name (Mango Crush)
Damn i got tricked~

Bought three nail polish at the FaceShop.

I actually wanted to get these when i was in Miri but they were just not worth it.They do not have any like get 3 nail polish for $9.90.....
In Brunei,they do that OR get 2 nail polishes and 1 nail remover which cost $9.90 as well for just $9.90.....Really good bargain...Its like getting those 2 nail polish for free if you think of it that way....

FACE it PK108 (I'm using it currently)
This is kinda pricey compared to the other 2.Its a better quality i guess....Its not as watery as the other two.It cost $6.90 for this one.
Love this colour ^^

Lovely Me:ex PK102
Its a nice fun bright pink colour :)

(Excuse my fat thumb >< )
Lovely Me:ex GR501
I absolutely love this colour.I have 1 similar to this one from Faceshop too or is it the same formula as last time? Nice fun aqua colour.

At the end of the day,me and my friend Weei Thien went to Guardian and bought an eyeliner.
Since it was buy 2 for $8.90,we decided to get 1 and split the money.
SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 08 Frosty Silver.

The quality is not bad.Love this silver colour.Great for an inner tearduct highlight.

Well thats kinda it for what i bought at the Mall....

Anyways,i had a meet up with a circle lens seller from Brunei to pay and collect my contact lens :D
Super excited to have them right now.Finally i can stock up my lenses.
First off,i'd personally recommend this seller to you Brunei people out there because
1.Their lens are of course authentic,they have a security code stamp paste on the bottles.
2. The prices of these lens are not expensive at all.($14-15+ price range) Most of the other sellers i see,they sell at about $18-20.Plus they give you discounts if you buy more (:
3.Collection of circle lens goes all the way from Bunut,Kiulap and Gadong....

Well i know thats not alot of points to think this online shop is super amazing but you go try them yourself and you'll know (:

I bought 5 circle lenses which i wanted a long time ago and plus to stock up on my lenses because before these,i totally have none left already....

GEO Cafe Mimi Series


GEO Xtra



GEO Super Nudy Series


I have no idea why but i seem to favor grey lenses more.....Hmmm...hahaha
Well thats it for my circle lens haul.Excited to try these!!
Ended up with a really long post for today.

Will be posting up my New Year's Eve dinner that is going to held tonight.
But for now signing off.



  1. which seller did u but the circle lenses from? they sell those with degrees? from facebook ma? hee.. sorry for asking lots of questions~

  2. Hey,sorry late reply.I bought mine from Beautyshop Brunei.You can search it on facebook (: and yes they do sell with degrees.

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