Sunday, January 8, 2012

T-ara Cry Cry Inspired look.

So...i was alone at home today because my mom and sisters went to Miri and i had nothing better to do.
So i try to spice my day with alittle bit of fun.
Did an inspired make up on T-ara Qri in her music video : Cry Cry.

Pretty isn't she? ^^
Color eyeshadows that i used from my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Pallete :

Only 3 colours.Simple isn't it?

What i used to achieve this look :
Bobbi Brown gel liner.
Majolica Majorca Volume Mascara
Shisheido Eye Curler
Etude House Lip Concealer
Etude House Cherry Lip Tint
Etude House LuciDarling lipstick #3 (i think)
e.l.f bronzer & blush

Final look :

Excuse my ghostly white skin.I took these infront of white light.
The colours doesnt show up well :( Its way more darker than in those pictures.
Should have checked my camera before wiping off the make up.
Oh well.I hope you guys atleast enjoy? or like my inspired look.
Its good for whenever you are going out.Nothing too dramatic,except for the lashes.

Will be doing more of these soon again,since i have nothing to do at home!!Still waiting for results >< Cross - fingers!!

Till next time (:


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