Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hello lovelies~
It's already 2012!!Are you kidding me?
It feels like it was just 31st December 2011 yesterday.Time flies real quick when you're enjoying it.
I'm here wishing you all a Happy New Year.May all live long and happy together.
School has already started for most of you guys.It feels really weird not going to school.
I had to wait for my results to come out which is real soon!! Super nervous of what my results are going to be.
I just had to keep praying for better things to happen soon (:

I don't really have anything to say for today i guess..I just wanted to post a little something to update my blog.Honestly speaking there is nothing i would write nowadays.It was mostly make up and hauls but now.....i have non! Well i have a few but i feel it isn't necessary to post up.Might bored you readers out there....
So i'm just going to start by writing about what i've been up to today.
Went to The Empire Hotel & Country Club with my sister today.Wanted to cycle today but it was already too late for that ): It closes at 5pm.Sadly....So we just did bowling,pool and swimming.

After a long tiring day of stuff at the Empire,had dinner at Kaizen with my 2 sisters.It was okay,satisfying hahahha.
Nothing much happen today.Sometimes i wished i had school just to occupy my life.
Right now i'm rotting at home doing nothing but surfing the net.

Maybe i'll do an eye tutorial again soon.I'll see how it goes....^^
Oh yeaa....i went to the Curtin College website again this year and had to decide what i should do for my foundation....It's really hard to decide!!No joking....No wonder some of us wanted to study form 6,cause they don't know what course to choose yet!!
I've always said that i would like to take up art and design...but come to think of it,will i be able to do it?
I had to build up my portfolio and plus i had to do alot of talk presentation when i'm taking that course.So i was thinking of taking Commerce....(I know,hard to believe...why would anyone take commerce? )
Well i had experience with Principle of Accounts and plus i can find jobs easily here in Brunei.
So it got me thinking.....Well i don't know yet....i'll see how it goes when i'm in that situation.....Hahaha

I do need to find a job's killing me inside knowing that i'm staying at home doing nothing...It kills~

Thats up for this post...Lots of reading to do.I don't mind if you guys don't bother.I write it for my own pleasure....
Till next time!


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