Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Alive!

Hey hey!!
It's been a long time since i visited my blog.Well..i do visit often but never wanting to write a post because of...whatelse could it be?LAZY lor!!
Just wanting to write and say that no,i'm not quitting blogging neither i am going to write a post everyday from now on....Lol~

Got back from my holiday trip to Hong Kong and Haikou,China to visit my relatives.
The place is really lovely in Hainan.Visited alot of interesting and fun places during my stay.The place where my grandfather lived is at Wen Chang which is used to be a county area back in the old days but has now turned up to be a city.Well my grandfather's houses are still the houses 500 years ago.You can imagine how old it looks in real life right?

My relative told us alot of stories and how my mum's family lived and how they end up buying a land and even a temple in Wen Chang 500 years ago.
To be honest,i wish i could live there and be a part of what my grandfather was in Wen Chang.
Everybody helped each other no matter what.Its really nice to see my relatives working together and helping out to prepare for lunch and dinner.Not to mention the weather there is really cold.

Its nice to see my mother's side of the family and am hoping to visit them again soon.
People in Wen Chang speak Hainan of course and also Putonghua (Mandarin).They don't speak hokkien unfortunately :(
But i gain abit of mandarin when i was in China.Surprise to say,that i too speak mandarin when i was there just to communicate with my relatives.Hahaha....which also makes me even more interested in learning mandarin.....

It's sad to leave China on the last day of my trip.It's such a home feel when i was there.

Well...that's the end of my story.No pictures unfortunately because i don't want to share this kind of like family related stuff here.As you can say,personal reasons.Sorry (:

Hope to write again soon...BYE :)

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