Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Duper Tired!

Heyy :D I'm back with another post and its currently 12.05am right now!
No idea why but i seem to be better of writing post at this hour.
Anyways,wanted to post something random...well not that random...on my blog to update things up alittle despite my exams are still on.
Add-maths are coming up in 5 days time and am really scared how the papers will be since i did the freakin Maths 2 paper and it was unexpectedly hard.June paper is much more easier than this.
We're human not robots like calculators.Gosh!Give us something easy for once....
Anyways...again...hahaha just rambling out words out of my mind to my hands and typing on the keyboard.....
As some of you guys might know,i play MapleStory SEA....
And had decided to make MapleStory Series from the stories i made...Well it didn't start with me,my friend did a trailer and i was into it suddenly and wrote a story and yes...a trailer pop out!
I've finally posted up the trailer and for few days i've been thinking of a good name for my series.
It is really hard to think of a name just like that.Thanks to my 2 friends that help me out in the names and more ideas for the series :D
And i thought of a production name for these mapleseries which is DreamGates Production :)
So here is the trailer that i've posted on youtube :)

Do support by watching :) Trust me,it won't take long....

P.S Gotten 3k views on my blog.Just wanna say thanks for viewing.It might not be alot but its something to me :)

Night xo