Tuesday, October 25, 2011

24th October 2011

Hey hey
Its yet another post by me :)
I'm still on hiatus but just wanted to post up alittle something.
I officially turned 17 on 24th October :) I feel so old right now...hahaha
Had a POA exam that day and it was horrible!!!Nahh...just kidding it was okay but still horrible in my point of view.
Went to Fratinis with my family that night and it was good :D

Outfit of the night

My favourite,Lasagna :)

I totally forgot what this Ravioli is called but its now my 2nd fave :D Love this.

Seafood Marinara

Super huge pizza for the night.

After dinner,we headed to Hua Ho for some grocery shopping and then headed home to cut my cake :)

Fruit cake from Bakerlyn.

Had an awesome night and birthday that day.Eventhough i can't be able to celebrate with my friends at my house due to o'levels,it still a great day for me :)

The next day my friends surprises me with a birthday cake.I didn't even notice they were at the bench and my friend,Shan went infront of my car and stopped my aunt and gave it to her.
And they even sneeked in a card in my bag when i was not there. :)

Just wanted to say Thank you again to Shan,Juan and Thien for this cake.Appreciate it and will be giving thanks and treating you guys to a meal so DON'T FORGET!(if you want free food that is ;) )

End of my post.Its around 1.10am and i am still not sleepy?! 
Nights xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sorry for the long time no post and this time its since AUGUST 31 till now i haven't been able to post up anything on my blog.Was getting ready for the GCE O'Levels and yes it is finally here.First paper was on the 11th October starting with English Paper 1 and tomorrow it's Malay Paper 2!!Had Chemistry and English paper 2 in the afternoon today and chemistry is so crappy!!!But hopefully can get pass lo...Exam ends on 18th November then i'll get to post up more stuff by then :) 
Till now! Good byee ~