Friday, August 19, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Dinner

Hello again ^^
Happy Saturday?Hahahha,decided to post up this because i'm just sooo bored!!
Had a Teacher's Appreciation Dinner last Thursday night for all secondary teachers.
Suppose to be a surprise for the teachers but end up to be not really a surprise i guess..

Went to Juan's house at around 3pm and later on went to ILotus together with Weei Thien.
Here are some pictures that happened on that night.More on my facebook page which will be uploaded as soon as possible :) Enjoy 
For better viewing please enlarge it.

Didn't wear that bow necklace that night because i realised i was wearing all that has bow in it.
All clothes and accessories are from Perth :) Can't recall the shops.

Reached iLotus by 6 - 6.30pm and it was already packed when we got there.

SAS Secondary Teachers.

Ladies first.Hahaha


Performance for the teachers. (Sorry for the blur)

After all the entertainment and the speech,teachers began leaving at 9pm and thats when all doors are shut and its the night for us students to party :)

Definitely won't forget this night :) 
Hope for more in the future.Well thats it for the post.Till next time :D

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