Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Precious

Hello lovelies.
Sorry for not updating awhile.Honestly,i've been really lazy to blog and been caught up with The Glee Project,twitter,youtube..etc.
Just posting up another one right now because i've got nothing else to do i guess..hahaha...

As the title says my precious.Wondering what i mean by that?
After seeing the finale of the glee project,it inspired me,not on singing of course.I can't sing to be honest..hahahhaa...
Been listening to songs not really common to most of you all,like country,indie and classical.
Whenever i hear the songs i like/love,i'll just grab my guitar and just play along.It makes me calm and happy :)
Thats what my precious is,my guitar.

Still have my first guitar from my dad when i young,about 11 or 12.Still working good until i broke it's strings a few years ago.Didn't know how to to play it back then until this year i've auditioned for the talent show with my friends.One of my friend taught me how,gotten really interested after the audition was over.So i kept practising and memorising chords and even learn how to pluck at home,no lessons or whatsoever.

I'm not a professional of course,at least i've learn the basics for me to play lots and lots of songs.
The point is don't ever give up on the things you left behind or quit just because you're lazy or its too hard,cause you will never know what good things may happen.
I could be even better if i took lessons or even have the will to learn by myself when i was younger but i was lazy.See what lazy can do to people? 

Dream big :) Nothing could ever stop you from doing what you want.

Just another short story to tell y'all since i've got nothing else to post.Hope you guys like it :)

Thats all for my post,don't forget to follow my blog and twitter :)
Watch Glee people!!Really inspiring and will even teach you a lesson in a thing or two.
Nights xo

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