Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mini mini haul

Heyhey dimsums~
Here again to post a 'mini mini haul' and what i meant by mini is that there are only 2 items that i want to show to you guys :)
Also just to update my blog and hopefully not bored you guys.

Went to the mall this afternoon for lunch and movie with my friend.
The movie that we watched was ZooKeeper.
This movie is definitely a must watch.
Its hilarious and romantic at the same time :D

After the movie,we just take a stroll and window shopped around the mall.
Bought me a pair of shoes at 8th avenue :D

Its the shoes i wanted for days now since i saw it last 2 weeks :)
Been passing by the shop but didn't even want to try it on until this afternoon.
Its a nice dark beige/light brown colored gladiator shoes.Its around 2 - 2.5 inch.Love it :)
Glad i bought it,this cost $24.90.

As you can see,most shoes i bought at stores like 8th avenue where its sort of a mixed variety kind of store has really low fabric on my opinion.But what i like bout this shoes is that they have wool pads at the back of the shoes which is good for a $24.90 shoes.Its comfortable and soft when wearing it.
Really nice shoes and hopefully i'll be buying shoes from them soon when their new arrivals are out ^^

Wore this ring that i got a few days ago from D'lady Centre which is an online shop on facebook.
The saleslady is really kind and made no delivery charge when i requested for door-to-door delivery.Really appreciated that she came to my house after her work. :)

Sorry if its crooked,its not.I didn't placed the ring properly on my finger when i took this.
Really love this ring ^^

That's it for my haul.Hope you guys enjoyed it and will talk to you soon ^^
Sooo hoping my package will come in tomorrow :D

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