Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kaizen Sushi :)

Hello lovelies ^^
Another post on food,my favourite food that is,SUSHI :D...
Went to Kaizen Sushi in Bandar and it was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was really really nice.Love it :)

The menu cover.The menu is huge!

This is how the restaurant looks like.It goes all the way to the back and this is just half of the restaurant.

Lots of variety of food to choose from :)

As i was told,Kaizen's ginger is really yummy :)

Cawan Mushi :)

Yaki Soba,i think thats what its called.Very nice :)

Gyoza!!My fave ^^

Its really juicy inside.Slirrppp :D

Agedeshi Tofu (I think thats how you spell it)

Khaki Furai 

Sushi boat :) The pink ones are really delicious :D
Damn i miss this T.T

For dessert,Macha ice cream :) 
Their ice cream is really nice and they give alot compare to excapade.

After dinner we went out to see the view of bandar.Really beautiful :)

I would definitely rate Kaizen a 8 or 9 out of 10.Its because,the service there are quite slow.Its just my opinion but overall its a great restaurant :)
Will for sure come back to eat at this place again :D

Thats all for my food post.Till next time.
Bye xo

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