Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm one of the million who got early access to POTTERMORE :D

Hello lovelies ^^
As you can see by my post title,i got registered into POTTERMORE!!
Wanted to post this up real quickly just to tell you guys :)
 (I'm a major huge fan of Harry Potter so i bet you could guess i'm really excited about this)
Let's start shall we? 
What is Pottermore?
Pottermore is an exciting new experience from J.K Rowling
based around the Harry Potter books.It is free to join
and use,and is designed to be safe for people of all ages.

Pottermore is open for all on October 2011.
But for a million lucky people will have a chance to register for early access from 31st July - 6 August
I was so happy that i got into Pottermore early on day 5.I slept at 1-1.30 am for the clue to appearred on the website.

What i'm suppose to do is to find the magical quill after answering the clue based on the Harry Potter Books.After finding the magical quill,you will be ask to register and your name will be added into a big book with the names of the cast of Harry Potter :)
Here is a video of J.K Rowling announcing the launch of Pottermore :)

Here are some pictures that you would see in the beta on October or for those who have already registered.
I'm soo excited ^^ Can't wait to get my welcome letter from the owls :)

Congratulations to those who registered and for those who didn't it will be open on October so be patient :) Will be posting more on Pottermore when i get to enter the beta.

Bye for now :) xo

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