Saturday, August 6, 2011

From London to Brunei :)

Hi again me readers :)
I've posted 2 post and right now i'm making another post just to update myself and the blog.
Last month like around 15th July i uncle came to visit all the way from London :)
Its been 11 years since i saw him and i was glad to see him again and his wife.
One thing that i never knew is that he has an 11 year old son.He super duper cute and naughty!(he's half asian btw)
So right now i'll stop with the blabbling and get onto the pictures.
Oh yea my uncle and their family came visit for 10 days if you're wondering.

Okay,so me and my sister went to Empire to meet up with my uncle and i brought my camera on that day,i almost forgot to bring it -.-

LOL candid :)

My Nephew Thomas ^^

He loves catching crabs btw.Which i'm totally afraid of especially when they pop up out of their holes.

Sister :) LOL~ she totally looks weird here.

Beautiful  :) Thats why i enlarge it.

This reminds me of Narnia.hahaha

After Empire,we went back home freshen ourselves up and went to my cousin's house for family gathering.

My cousin's/3 sisters plus their babies.

Me uncle and aunt Brigette.

Mum and cousin's daughter.She's so cute ><

One big family!! Hahaha

The next day,there was another family gathering at my cousin's house.
Had 3-4 gatherings in a week.Busy~!

Outfit of the night:
Dress from ego & belt from some shop in Aussie.

Cousin's house
This is just half the part of her house >< Her husband has like 3 or 4 houses i think?Link in 1 place.

Freakin love this chandaler :)

Taken from the top floor.

Nasi Lemak! OMNOMNOM

Again with the family photo.Hahaha. It's blur if you can notice because the pixel is huge.Enlarge it for better quality :)

2nd nice chandaler :) and the one at the back too.

This is where they keep their alcohols.My cousin's husband loves to drink.

More food~

My sis and i were bored so we end up taking this picture,just for fun ^^

My sister and pretty cousin :)

Whenever i go to her house i would call this the meditation/japanese corner!

Thats all for now :) The gathering at my house will be posted on my next one ^^
Bye for now xo

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