Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally,It arrived!! :)

Hello lovelies :)
I'm back again with another quick post since its a FRIDAY~
Exams are still on till Monday.2 MORE DAYS!!What's even worst is that the Cambridge O Level Timetable are out.
POA paper 2 for my birthday -.- How great huh?

Anyways,finally it arrived!!On my doorstep (On my gate actually.Teehee)
My DollyWink lashes in number 2,Sweet Girly and my Geo/Princess Mimi/Bambi contact lenses :)
For better view of the pictures,please ENLARGE it.Thank You & Enjoy ^^

These lashes are seriously nice and soft!!They give your eyes a dolly look.If you can see,the length of the lashes at the end and the middle are really long which will make your eyes look rounder and larger.Didn't get to try them today because i'm really lazy.So i'll be posting up another post using this :)
The glue is super duper cute ^^ 

Sesame Grey

Apple Green

I tried on the Sesame Grey first.It is really comfortable and the designs are really nice :)
An advice i should give to people who are beginners on using contact lenses.Please let the lenses soak in solution for 1 day before you wear them.It's because there are chemicals in those solution that are inside the bottle. 

With flash

Without flash
As you can see,you can still see the designs on the lenses even with natural lighting.

Like i said,its a quick post.So sorry if there isn't quite alot of pictures here as i just took these lenses out and just wanted to show you guys how they look on the eye so i wore them for 30 minutes or so...
Thanks to Gretz/Love Dolly Shop owner for pre-ordering the lenses :) Really love it ^^


I finally found an online shop that pre-orders chanel imitation designer bags and coastal scents!!!
Been looking for months now on the cs palette and finally i've found it at around 1am in the morning.Crazy right?LOL

That's all for now ^^

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