Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Gathering // Oatmeal?

Hey readers ^^
Wanted to post this up,trying to update my blog everyday if not maybe once every 2 days if i have nothing to talk about.
Going to post up my family gathering that was held at my house which is the last day of all the eating and everything.Hahahaha....been eating at houses for 4 days straight at that period of time.Glad its now over :)

Now moving on to the pictures~Enjoy
P.s there aren't lots of photos from my house,too lazy on that day.

Lots of food for the night xD

Cousins :)


My baby cousins :) Shoo cute ^^

Caught playing angry birds for the x10000 times.

Thats an end to my family gathering ^^ Finally!all the post from that week have been updated.

Yes,wondering why oatmeal has appearred on the post title?
It is because i've been using oatmeal for my face starting from yesterday :)
Its a home remedy that you could do to get your face better than it is now ^^
Beauty vloggers have been using oatmeal for their face and it works like a charm.
All thanks to beauty blogger/youtuber Bubzbeauty :)

Her channel has alot of good information and home-made mask for your face.

I'll be reviewing the oatmeal cleanser after 1 month of using it :) 
So please hope to check it out.

Thats all for now ^^
Goodbye xo

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