Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette & NYX Jumbo Eyepencils

Hey hey hey  ^^
Wanted to post up this to tell you guys what i've got as soon as i got the items :)
Super excited and finally it arrives :D 
Ordered the Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette and NYX Jumbo Eyepencils a week ago and was surprise to get it in a week later :) Super fast shipping from Frosty-zee Online Shop on facebook.
Those who are craving for these should add her!!(Only for Bruneians).

Anyways,got the package from FedEx an hour ago and wanted to straight away take pictures and post it up for you guys to see ^^
For better quality please click on image :) Enjoy

Was so relieved that it was a real Coastal Scents and not the ones you get on ebay.
I prefer the original cause of its matte casing.Really nice :)

Voila!Ain't it colorful? ^^
There are 88 shades and they are really pigmented and the colors are really vibrant.
There is even a red eyeshadow which i can't really find any shadows that are a true red.
I like the way it organizes itself,like how they go from the highlighter to the darker shades.
There are also alot of different colors to choose from which is really good for beginners :D
Now i don't have to waste so much money on single palettes and just use these :)
The size of these are slighty smaller than B$ 5 cents but slightly bigger than B$ 1 cent coin.

Here is a closer look on the colours.

This palette also has a mirror which i didn't took a pictures.It is really convenient because you can travel with it without bringing another mirror with you.What this palette also has is 2 sponge applicators which is absolutely horrible!!Hahahha.They are low quality applicators but it doesn't really bother me cause i use a brush instead.

I've also got a free mini kabuki brush and its so cute and small :D
My first kabuki,hehehe.One thing i don't like about this is that it is really really rough!Seriously,i don't even dare to use it on my face because of the texture of this brush.
I'll just display this on my drawer since its cute :)

Wanted these eyepencils for a long time now after i've seen good review on this.
From top to bottom : 
French fries,Strawberry Milk,Milk
I was suppose to get electric blue and cottage cheese instead but they run out of stock :(

They're really creamy good for blending but also i've heard that they crease ALOT!
I haven't tried on these yet but hopefully it wont crease on mine T.T

They are shimmery except the middle one which is Milk.
Really like the colors :)

Well thats it for my haul post.Thanks again to the seller :) Appreciate it.
Till next time lovelies.
Byee xo


  1. thankfully I found this post! I've been searching for Brunei onlineshop whether they carry NYX cosmetic, thanks for the info and followed you cuz I find your posts very upbeat and fun to read!

  2. It too took me a long time to find an online shop that has it too!Welcome ^^ Thanks for reading!