Friday, July 8, 2011

Zumba!! / Phototreats // Transformers 3 // Rabito Iphone Case

Hey lovelies.
I'm here again for another post. Been busy/lazy these few weeks so didn't get to post up anything.Sorry :)

It's a Friday again,thinking to myself,what should i do on a Friday?Nothing much right?So decided to blog all the stuff i need to blog.It's going to be a long post.

BRIDEX 2011 is here with their jets criss-crossing through the skies.
Didn't go to the City Parade and SOAS as i slept in this morning.Sigh.
Enough about that.I'm sure everyone who went had an awesome time. ^^

 Did a Zumba workout with my sister in the afternoon because there wasn't any internet and we had nothing better to do.Really crazy workout i had today.Sweat alot and hips moving like crazy!!
It was a relief that the internet came back on again,so we stop the workout.

 Main topic is about an iphone application that i downloaded a few months ago but didn't really use it until a few weeks ago when i was vaining with my nerdy glasses. everyone likes to vain,even me :)
The app is called PhotoTreats.
It has a wide variety range of effects that i super duper love!
The effect goes really well with the picture if the lighting of the picture is on white light.
Here goes the pictures! Warning!!Lots of me >< Feel free to skip down if you're not interested :)
Ps. Some are the same pictures but with different effects :) Enjoy

(Never ever did this kind of pointing shizz before.Trying okay)

Now isn't that alot of pictures for just a single post. Hahaha :)

Watched Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon with my sister and her boyfriend and my aunt at Seri Qlap.
Pretty long for a one word description huh? Hehehehe

If you guys haven't watched it yet.GO NOW AND WATCH IT.But of course finish reading this then go :)
This movie is really epic.Super duper love number 3 because it has lots and lots of fighting scenes and lots of sound effects.Really nice :)
Really thought the Autobots would failed in the beginning with all those unexpected scenes but they succeeded in the end.Its a sad thing that IronHide,is that what you call him? died.

Bought 2 iphone casings from the same brand called Rabito.
Super duper cute,wanted them since i saw them,luckily i was able to get them through a facebook online shop call Karma Link.Go check them out Bruneians :)
Bought them in light pink and dark pink.

Super duper cute :) It cost only $15.

That's all for now.Will be posting again soon.
Byee xo 

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