Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brother's Wedding Day :)

Hello lovelies ^^
It's been a long time since i started posting some stuff again.
Been busy this week finding dresses,shoes,bags and what not for m brother's wedding ceremony last Saturday.
Been eating lots of buffets too,i'm getting fatter!! -.-

Before i get into that topic,i would like to post some pictures that were taken last month or later :)
Bought these 2 painted rocks from my friend at her stall.
The penguin is really cute >< I love it :)

Yummy huh?Hhaha,my sister's boyfriend made these creampuff and they're really good!!

Vanilla creampuff.Thumbs Up ^^

Sister made this cake called Operah Gatto last week :)  Really chocolaty!

Hair is short again!This time,the person who cut my hair do like 'cincai' wan!Haihhz but nevermind,it will okay when it grows longer :)

Now with the Wedding :)
Sister and i did our nails the day before the wedding.

I did a rose design on one hand and ribbon designs on the other :)
Took this at 2.00am when both of us are done with the nails.Really tired!

My sister did hers simple with rhimestones.

All of us had to wake up at 4.30-5am the next day.Eyes are swollen!!

My mom and sisters getting their hairs ready :)
The picture looks like its in the afternoon right?Its actually 6am,we had to on the lights.

My so called make-up area.Hehehe

Me and my sister had to reach church by 8.30am to sit at the reception area for the guest book signing.

Me to You. Really cute ^^

The church with a daisy/rose theme :)

Aunt,Mum and sisters

Me and my mum :)

Dad and mum.

And finally the Groom had reached the church :)

Still waiting for his bride i see :)

The bride reaches the church at 10am.That is where the magic begins :)

Them exchanging rings and vows.

Registration signing :)

Her dress is absolutely stunning and shiny!! 

Their car.

At 11.45am,me and my family went to Millenium for the lunch buffet for the guest.
It was massively packed in there.The queue for the food was soo long.

My cousin' baby :) Soo cute ^^

When we went home,we slept for hours because we are so tired.
We had dinner at Empire Pantai that night.Made a surprise party for Ruby on her upcoming birthday :)

LOL!!Just want to put this picture up cause it looks really funny :)

Thats it for the pictures.Sister going to go back to Perth with my dad at 12.30am Monday :(
Going to miss her much :) Have a safe flight.

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