Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday :3

Hii readers ^^
Decided to write a post,cause i'm really bored right now.Hahaha
Had tuition today unfortunately.
Been watching lots of KBS variety shows like Oh My School and SBS Heroes.
Main things bout this post is about the songs i have on my itunes on repeat :)
All kpop kay,no english sadly,hehehe.
Here is my list :)

1. Don't Cry - Park Bom

2. Love Song - Big Bang

3. 피노키오(Danger) - F(x)

4. Stay - MBLAQ

5. Love Alone - Miss A

6. Fiction - BEAST :)

Have no idea why but my youtube upload search in this post can't search any of the videos i typed.
So here are just the rest without videos attach :)

7. 비가 오는 날엔 - BEAST
8. Mystery - BEAST
9. OK - B1A4
10. LOVE Girl - CNBLUE

Thats it for my top 10 currently.

P.S - Still in process on getting my ordered DollyWink and Candydoll items.EXCITED x.x

GoodByex ^^

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