Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleepover//Happy Father's Day ♥

I'm back again for another blog post :) Been having fun lately these few days and sadly tomorrow's the starting of school again!I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TOMORROW!!Have to wake up really early as usual ><!
I'm going to start on my daily journal now ^^ (I'm just going to throw all the pictures that weren't on my blog before )

Had Spicy Rice cake/Dukbokki for lunch last few weeks. Spicy as hell!!

Had a sleepover over at Juan's house on Friday :) I wished it wouldn't end so fast but it did.
Went to the mall for a hang out and had lunch together.

Mango/Blueberry cheese cake.

Juan's lunch :)

Watched Green Lantern after lunch.


These two so cute in the movie :3
Lovely couples in the movie.

The movie was awesome.Love the story and everything :)
The only thing that freak me out is this!

Parallax!! Damn that thing scared me in that movie.Just horrible!
It kills people who are afraid by sucking?/breathing in? the person's soul and are left with the bones.Glad that Hal Jordan defeated it :)

Later then ate at pastamania for dinner.

This pasta is super duper hot & spicy! I just took a bite and my lips are already burning like crazy~
How does Juan eat this !!

After dinner,we head to her house and refresh ourself and prepared for the movie marathon :D

Cute :3

Our snacks for the night :)

The movies we watched were Just Go With It (Really funny),Ghost Must be Crazy and Going the distance.
Slept at around 3am - 4am. Woke up at 8am - 9 am and had breakfast :D

SpongeBob Toast!!

Delicious breakfast :) ( Please tilt head ^^ )

Bought 2 nerdy glasses when i was out.Its kinda popular nowadays huh?

The 2nd one reminds me of the glasses that IU wore on Dream High!! :D

Dream High FTW!

Had a wonderful Father's Day dinner yesterday at MayFang and also a steamboat dinner for Father's day (Sunday night).
Photo's will be up tomorrow due to no battery on my camera :)

That's the end of my post ^^ Hope you guys enjoy reading it and will post again soon.
Night xo 

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