Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rockstar Chic & CamWhoring!!

Hello darlings~
Its been almost a month since i've posted about my me and not the giveaways.Hahaha.
Hope you all are doing fine on this holidays.
Nothing much to do for me during these holidays,i don't think i'll be travelling either.I just sleep the whole day mostly x.x 

Painted my nails at the start of school holidays :D 
First time using a bold and bright color.Couldn't find an aqua color so i go for a greenish minty color :)

I have no idea why but i felt like doing a make up tutorial this afternoon and i did.
Its sort of a Rockstar Chic look.Inspired by Chaigyaru that she had post in her blog. :) Excluding the dramatic eyelashes.I don't have that dramatic like hers,sadly.
This look is great for parties,clubbing or a night look.
I'm not an expert in make up,as you have seen the previous tutorial i did,it kinda sucks when i look back at it. :P Feel free to comment ^^
P.S Pictures are much better quality now credits to Canon EOS 550D

Let's get started shall we,

I start of with a BB Cream.Later on a powder to finish it off.

I applied my false lashes first before applying eyeshadow.You can put on eyeshadow first then later on lashes.It's up to you.

I apply a brown eyeshadow all over my lid until slightly above my crease.It can be a matte or shimmery shadow,both of them works. I actually applied a darker brown shimmery color at my crease area to make my it look deeper.

Next,i apply a black eyeshadow that has a little bit of glitter on it.And i apply it all over my lid,just until below my crease.So you can actually see a hint of brown at the top of the black :)
I then apply the black shadow at the bottom half of my eyes.(Just alittle over 1/2)
Then apply the same dark brown shimmery eyeshadow that i use for my crease at the bottom.
For the inner corners of my eyes,i apply a champagne color to brighten my eyes alittle bit.

Since its a rockstar look/night look etc.I go for a more intense and long lasting liner,so i applied gel liner instead of liquid or pencil.Apply it on the bottom water line and also tight line (top waterline). I don't apply my lashes close to my real lashes as it will be difficult to take it off later on.So tightlining is the best to cover up the line.

I added abit of glitter ( Dollywink cream shadow in gold) on my lids just to pretty it up alittle bit ^^
You can intensify your brows if you like.For me i don't.
You can contour your nose too.I should have done that but i forgot bout it ><
This is how the eyes will look like after its done :)
Btw,i'm using Geo Angel grey which can be ordered on Love Geo Lens.

I apply a pink blush on the cheeks and for the lips,Revlon Soft Nude.

Camwhoring :o
If you zoom into this pic,you can see that my eyes are really glittery.(DollyWink Cream shadow)
I bought that ring from D'Lady Centre which is a shop on facebook in Brunei ^^ Really cute.

That's enough with the pictures,i don't want to bored you guys :) Tee Heee.
Thats all for my post,hope you guys like it and feedback please ^^
Will be posting soon again,hopefully my orders on DollyWink,Candydoll etc will be here soon.
Check out Love Dolly Shop right now!! The only ones that has pre orders on Japan cosmetics.
Links are available at my sidebar.

Byee xo

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