Monday, June 27, 2011

Random schedules :)

Hii lovelies.
Long time no chat,didn't really use the computer very much after i downloaded pokemon platinum on the DS. Freaking addictive.(And yes,i do play pokemon,who doesn't?) 
This is just a random post on the stuff i did recently/few days ago.
Enjoy ^^

Didn't have water at my house last few weeks ago.Had to wake up really early like around 8am to go to Empire and shower and wash face and everything.Really tired!!
Had lunch at a malay restaurant that my mom introduce,the food was okay,forgot the name of the restaurant though.

BEANCURD!! ILoveBeanCurd :)

This was posted on my twitter so might as well post it here,just for fun ^^
That's the starting of my knitting,right now,it's kinda screwed.
I'm hoping to buy a nicer color other than this light brown color to make a scarf.Plus my mom bought me a new knitting stick with a different size. (BTW,its not the stick in this picture,this is just a normal chopstick from excapade.LOL ) 

Went to Kaizen on Friday or was it Saturday? for dinner with my aunt and my sisters.
Here is my OOTN on that day :)

Jacket : Forever21
Blouse : Alle
Pants : ValleyGirl
Necklace : Diva 

I changed my necklace after i took this picture.
Wore the one in silver :) Really Cute.
Bought it from an online facebook shop from Brunei. D'lady Centre 

Went to CountryPatch with my sisters yesterday for lunch

Fish Burger

Chicken Chop (Not that great,i thought chicken chop are boneless,but this isn't,unfortunately.It also feels like its KFC Chicken)

Bought Ben & Jerry's Ice cream :) Really nice but really sweet and expensive! Only at SupaSave! :)

Planned a surprise party last Saturday for a friend at Capers. ^^ 
Happy Belated Shan :D Remember this always love.

Thats all for my post ^^ 
Talk to you guys next time.
Bye xo

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