Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's all about the pinks :D

Hello hello~
How you all doing? I just want to do a morning post.This post are all words.So i'm trying to make it short so you guys won't get bored :) It's about 10+am here in Brunei(SEA).
As you all have notice already,my blog template has change from a dark,dull pink look to a BRIGHTER,PINKIER look :) Hahaha

I actually edit all this at around 3.30 or 4am,i'm not sure.
I slept at midnight and woke up at 3am and suddenly decided to drink 'teh tarik' LOL.
Switch on my lappy for awhile and just decided to change my blog's look!
Couldn't sleep till 5 - 6 am and i'm guessing it was the tea.

If you can see,i have my wishlist too at my sidebar :) 
Just wanted to put the things i would want to own in the future or maybe sooner and also i won't forget what i would want.I tried making a twitter badge on my blog but it just appear blank inside the twitter box.
I'll just try to do one after this post :)

Going to have tuition today,bummer!Just feel like staying at home and watching youtube videos and my subscribers' videos!I just like watching them ^^ very fascinating~Hahaha
I came across this youtube channel when i was searching for Ji Yeon's Yayaya Make up tutorial but instead there was a Qri and So Yeon's ones,when i saw the front picture of the video,it was soo pretty,no kidding!!I love the lashes and the contacts at first and her eyes has really nice shape too!!
 ( unlike mine >< )
So i went to watch it and then watch mostly all her videos but have not completed them all yet.She has like 92 videos.Wondering who's that person?It's punk01rock01
She looks asian but living in Cali.

I've also been watching alot of cl2425 videos.iu's smolder look that she did was pretty :)
Go check their youtube channel if you haven't.(Recommended for people who are interested in make up)

That's it for this morning ^^ Enjoy reading the rest of my blog :D
Will talk to you guys soon :)
Byeee x

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