Thursday, May 26, 2011

Story of my Life.Cherish them forever

Sad as ever,wanting to write this post.Just feel like it because of the doubts going cross my mind lately.
This is for them.
Let's start shall we :3
4 - 5 years ago,starting of a new journey for me,everyone was seperated from each other and into 4 classes.There was abit of silence back then until i got to meet some friends.Met 3 petite girls that day,was fun on the first day and got even better as we get to know each other better.It was an okay year actually better than okay. We all went out together,well used to.Nothing actually feels better than hanging out with the ones you cherish.Secrets were never a big deal for us.Happy as i am,i was grateful until i started to be such a bi-atch with myself.To be honest,i'm guessing its from the influence i got from people.That day on,life's difficult.
I started to feel,how you say,angry,jealousy?sad? you can name it,gotten really mean with my friends.Fights always occur whenever we were together.Started to swear at my friends.I was a total girl who everyone hates,well the ones that i used to abuse.
As the years pass,we do get some get together but not as good as we were when we were close.I know they might not think its close but to me,they were pretty enough to fill my heart.They were somehow special to me,not wanting to let go of them even though i hurt them too much in the past.Now its 2011,the last of my school year.You would think,'i'm going to miss my friend awfully',and that is what i would say.But i wonder what will they feel.
The friends that i had before were still together better than ever,what about me?I'm just 1 of those girls who got lost on the way.
As tears fall when writing this,i really feel sorry.Sorry for not keeping them beside me real good,for not thinking whats right to say or to do to them.
That's why people have blog or a diary or anything...To write the things they truly feel,to let go of what's keeping inside,to just say a little message to the ones that had forgotten if it isn't bare-able to say it infront of their faces.
I am a shameless person.

So to those who are in a situation like me,please do not let go of what you have now because you might never ever going to get what you once love back.A single lie,a single hate,a single word,a single fight will never be the same once you exploit it all out.
Sorry.Mian-ne.Dui Bu Chi.
Just want to have them back again. :*x

Feel really embarrassing to write this in public but thats the only way i'll survive.

It does feel good to let your tears out once in a while,you just have to.Hopefully you guys are reading this.You know who you are. :) I was really a bad person and hopefully you can see what a person i am now.I'll never be that one brat i use to be again
Thousand tears could be gone in a minute.But friends could be strangers in a second.
Thanks my readers who took the time to read this.I'm grateful for what i have even if its the slightest things


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