Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Baby CANON!!

Hii :)
 Long time no chat,been either busy or lazy blogging lately ><
 Just want to blog a short post for tonight.Really sleepy,no idea why since i slept for 12 hours yesterday,will tell you later.
And guess what?! I got a camera that i wanted from my dad today :)
If you see my previous post,i wanted the Canon EOS 550D and i asked my dad and he did bought it from Malaysia.Super duper grateful and thanked my dad so many times.
Well i won't be posting up photos right now,well not so soon.
 I'm just hoping i can use the camera everyday!!

 Okay now back to why i slept for 12 hours like a pig!!! before going onto some other news.
First of i was really tired but i didn't expect to sleep for sooo long,seriously!!
Unfortunately i had a nightmare, it started with a beginning and ends with a the end before i woke up.Its like a complete movie or a story.That is like the first time i ever had a really scary nightmare and that lasted till morning!!Well that shows that i have a wild imagination i guess? :P Because the so called 'creature' that was in my dream is pretty scary and out of the ordinary.
If that dream was real i would totally jizz my pants, no kidding :)

 Practical plus mid year exams are almost up and i need to really work hard on it.I didn't really pay attention in school nowadays so yea.
Talentine Auditions is on Thursday right after my chemistry practical exam,more pressure,just hoped i could do well.My guitar ain't that good!~Been practicing changing chords but not the audition song's chords but other song's chords.Started developing calluses (Not sure how to spell that ) but its those hard skin on the tips of the fingers to prevent you from feeling painful when you're pressing the strings :)

 Well nothing much to say now,so i'll talk to you soon hopefully.
Probably will not be posting because of the exams.
Have a great sleep :) And a great day tomorrow of course :D



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