Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

Hello readers :)
Long time no chat,been busy with my exams!Chemistry papers are over and i'm already stressing out!
I was suppose to post this on the 8th May,which was Mother's Day but i have no idea why my blog can't open that day so i decided to open it the next day.
When i got to my posting section at my dashboard,it looks totally different like blogger had change it's format on uploading pictures and everything so i have no idea how to operate it!!
So i only get to post up today :)
 Enough with the talking and lets head to some pictures :D


Took this at the afternoon on that day,i was bored! :)

Went to Orchid Garden for Mother's Day and the theme on the food was Penang Food.Yumm ^^

 This was my appetizer that night :) 

 My brother and his soon to be wife?LOL Sorry if you're eyes are close!You wouldn't stop talking that time!!

Penang Laksa,first time eating this kind of laksa.It was good but i love Thien Thien's laksa more!!Teehee

Corn soup!My fave of all time :)

More of the appetiser,i super duper love the Shu Mai! (Dim Sum FTW!)

And this is what i had for the main dish.The curry chicken was awesome!!Really nice and spicy :) My kind of taste :D

Mom,sis,bro and Ruby.Me and my dad wasn't there because he was watching tv!And i'm the one who took this :)

Some kind of fish that i randomly took.If you're wondering whats that white liquid around it,it was the gravy of the vegetables that i had added on the plate,I LOVE BROCOLLI!(Bet you don't know that :) ) 

ABC for dessert :) Had some cakes too but i didn't took it :(

My dad :)

Hope for more to come in the future !! :D ♥ 

That's it for this post ^^ 
Hope you enjoyed it!Talk to you soon :)
 Byee xo

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