Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiction & Fact

Hi lovelies :)
Sorry again,i think i've been like saying sorry over and over again on each post!Like what the heck?lol
Been busy with exams which are still on till 24th May and heeps of tuition well not heeps but just alot.Lol?
Just want to post up some pictures that i took for the pass 2 weeks on what i've been doing like going out and stuff like that.Mostly are like food,i realise most of my post are food? -.-

My sis brought me and my mom to a Korean foodstall at Yayasan last week.
It's called Seoul Garden and the owners are korean :) How lovely but they do not get really good business at night cause it's like really empty at the food court.

I would say the food was an okay,like so-so.
I love Korean Restaurant better than Seoul Garden actually.

Sooo,the next day after school,my sis brought me to Korean Restaurant for lunch! YAYY :D haha
Didn't take any pictures because i usually eat the same thing over there so you can just check on my other post :)

After a delicious meal we went to SupaSave to buy some stuff.

It was a no plastic day that day.
If you can see that ice-cream over there,it's called Rocky Road and its super duper nice.
It's kinda fudgy? like sort of sticky and thick.Really nice ^^

I think it was last Sunday,me and my family went to Orchid Garden for a buffet breakfast and lunch.

All the choices for lunch at Orchid Garden that day was mostly vegetables.I felt like a vegetarian that day.

At the afternoon,we went to TimeSquare to check on glasses,because my mom needs a new one and i want a new one too :) But we end up eating at the food court and later went to Manggis Mall,VisionWorks.

And yea,this is how my specs look like.Hahaha..I never had this kind of glasses last time cause i thought it would look so weird on me.I usually buy glasses that are metal frame,either full frame or half frame.
So this is kinda weird for me to wear it at first,i still haven't wore this to school yet =x Just at home :P

I might have a haul on stuff i have been ordering for the past few days like accessories,make up and some cds that are probably coming be getting next month or so.So look out for that :)

This is it for today's post ^^ It's really late (1.45am) Tuition tomorrow ><
Night :D xo

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