Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walkaton To Promote Health :)

Hii again!!
Just want to post a short one for today just to update alittle bit :)
 Our school asked us to help in the Walkaton we had this morning,not for running but for red cresent members.
We had to like go at Taman SOAS by 5.00am!!Juan,Li Jie & Yu Wen decided to go together and meet at the school at 4.30am and Alex pick us up from there.
I had to wake up at 3.30am just to shower and wash face and everything!!
So damn tired and it was still dark outside.

Here are some pictures that i took.

Alex Sleeping like a pig... :P

Us being the first to come & The Mosque :D

We later went to a cafe nearby to have breakfast.
As you can see from the clock,it's still 5.30am~

Yu Wen had tea.

Li Jie had this has her breakfast,doesn't it look good? :)

Look how freakin small her juice is!!
Mine's the tall one :D Tee Hee

Ate till about 6am and went back to the Taman.

 At about 7.30am everyone gathered at the field.Thousands of people came for the walkaton.

We didn't do anything much like helping and stuff like that when we were there.
So it's kind of bored,but it was okay because we chat about the talentine :)
 Came back home and slept straight away,super duper tired!~

 Asked my dad if i can have this baby right here and he might get it for me!!OH MY GASSSS 
 He's going to KL soon :) Hehehee
I wanted this kind of professional camera because i like photography as well as interior & fashion :)
 Plus if i got this,i would bring it everywhere with me and snap,snap,snap!! :D
Got a little feel of this camera when i used my friend's EOS 500D and it really fascinates me.

Well that its for this post.I'll speak to you soon :)
Have a great day!

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