Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday's facial mask day :)

Hey guys.
Another random post i would like to put up on a Saturday :) 
Freaking bored over here.
Well i went out for dinner last night :) which is a Friday
And i got to use my Peach Water Gloss that i bought in Etude House :D

 FOTN for that day :
 Kanebo Lavshuca Purple Eyeshadow quad - In the 2 lightest shade.
 Melilea Intensive Nourisher
Peach Water Gloss - Strawberry Milk

 I'm surprised that i use not alot of make up cause usually i would put a massive junk on my face. :P

That's about it for my Friday,Friday,We gotta get down Friday!!
Stupiak song is like stuck in my head even though the singer's voice kills me!!


Didn't do much today except for school and tuition and staying alone at home.Sucks to be me right?
Decided to apply a facial mask after cleansing my face.
Used the O2 White Vitamin Facial Mask that i bought in Etude House.
Really nice and it doesn't irritates my skin so i like it :)

Tomorrow's a SUNDAY!!
I love Sundays because of no school :D
 Can stay at home and Partyin Partyin YEA!! !@#%$#%$^ I did it again!!LOL 

I'm going to end my post here and will be posting again on Monday about my school trip to OGDC :D
Have a great day tomorrow!!

 Night xo

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