Friday, April 22, 2011

LASHES!!Camwhoring me :)

Hii guys.
Sorry for the not posting for a long time.My internet break down on me for the past week and i was sooo freaking bored,seriously!
To kill time,i played the Sims 3 for 3 - 4 days.
I'm just going to post some picture up on what i did because i do not want to talk alot on this since there isn't much :)

Had Tom Yam and Teh Tarik at CheezBox last Sunday when i was out with my friend :)
 I forgot what night it was when the moon was so huge and near and really bright.
First time seeing the moon real close :) I can actually see the inside of the moon clearly for once.
I have no idea why it's the other way around but i bet you can see it :) Had Pastamania for dinner few days ago :D

TeeHee ♥.

Marinara!!Damn its good to eat :D

 Late night is da bomb! :)
 YAY!!On to my next topic which is my main reason why i decided to post :) Hehehe
 Since i was soo bored yesterday night without internet,i camwhored just for fun :) I admit i am vain but who isn't right?
 And finally!!My brushes (not all) are squeeky clean again after a month or so ♥.
Nothing is dirtier than dirty brushes cause all the bacteria goes on the face and it's just plain gross.
 If you're wondering what i use to clean my brushes,i used olive oil and dish soap.Credits to MichellePhan :)

Decided to use this criss cross lashes which i never used before cause normally i would use the straight ones.
These lashes are from Taiwan i think?Not sure but they are pretty long,It doesn't fit my eyes perfectly.
This picture is the other way round again!!Why does this always happens?
Anyways,i like to cut false lashes into 4 sections so it's easier for me to apply it.
 Since it's longer for me what i do is i take the 2nd,3rd and 4th lashes from the top to bottom and fix it onto my eyes so it actually fits and the left over,i place it on the 1/3rd of my eye so it gives more volume.(You get me?Hahaha)
 And this is what you'll get :) Pretty right? Hehehe
Oh yea,i apply gel liner at the top so it would make my eyes appear longer and rounder and i also tightline.
And onto the vain side of me ><

For the lips i use the Revlon Pink in the Afternoon first then the Revlon Soft Nude so i would get a nice nude pink :)
I just freakin LOVE this 2 picture cause i get to see my blue contact lens :D 
The lens that i'm using is the GEO Angel Blue.Really nice :)


Took these pictures this afternoon :)
My so called mini office which was on my sofa~HAHAHA
 If you're wonder what are those on the paper,it's the NYX Lipsticks that i need to
confirmly (LOL?Bad english) have to pick the ones i want. How am i going to choose 6 out of 18 lipsticks that i chose!

Name's Mutton/BEAST. ♥ 
It's Mutton the BEAST? Hehehe

Might as well make him/her? known to you all since him/her? is always beside me :)
 That's it for today,
Hope you guys enjoy it and will blog again soon. ^^


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