Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glee :)

 Back again to blog some random post.
My life is pretty boring nowadays!GAHHH!!
Thanks to my friend for borrowing me Season 2 of Glee ^^ My life is occupied from watching GLEE :D
 The Substitude Episode starring Gwyneth Paltrow is freaking AWEEESOMME :)
 She's so lovely and has a great voice,love her to the max.
 Really sad and disappointed that Sam broke up with Quinn,but she deserves it anyways.She is now trying to steal Finn and said really mean stuff to Rachel just before Regionals!!Screw her!!!
Another favourite episode is the one that they had a party at Rachel's house!Damn they're drunk in that episode.Blaine and Rachel kissed~Damn not good,he's gay and probably taken by Kurt sooner or later ;) How awkward and funny it is to hear Principal Figgins saying Ke 'dollar sign' Ha.
 Well,i'm still watching season 2 and probably repeat it all over again after finishing it :)
I'm sooo addicted to it now!What can i say,i'm a gleek :)

Had dinner with my family and cousins this evening :) 
Will be out tomorrow watching a movie.Finally i get to go out once in awhile~
Beard Papa here i come !! ^_^
Thanks for reading this Glee story of mine :) Nothing to post up wahh,hehee .

Till here :)

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