Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back To December ♥

Hey Heyy!
 I didn't notice how fast the time pass!Last post was like on Monday and its already Thursday!!
 Hhahaha...well time for me to post another daily life of mine ^^
 Yesterday i had P.E and it was so painful!!!Well its because i kind of fell/trip over a metal railing on the floor when i was jogging >< FML!!

 Damn!Fortunately my pants didn't rip but it actualy drag my skin out on my legs -.- Ouch?

Had watermelons for supper :D yesterday~
But shouldn't have eaten that much because i had to go every few hours!!

Stayed up late till 1.30am yesterday,was so caught up of Glee.
 I've also heard about another earthquake in Japan with a 7.1 magnitude,apparently closer to the island than the previous one.Gotta pray for them again,hope everyone's okay :)

 Been so addicted to Back To December by Taylor Swift!!Ahhh everything she sings are soo true!
Hearts to her :)

Big Bang's coming out soon on 14th May for MapleSEA!! :D
Pretty excited for it.

 RIO is out!!Finally!!If you all haven't watch it yet,go book your tickets and watch it!!Even if i hadn't watch it,i know its going to be aweesommee!! :D

 What is surprising is that Justin Bieber Never Say Never is also on cinema?I didn't know it was a movie o.o
 Okayyy.....Probaby watch it in online or something...Hahah..
I don't hate Bieber okay..
I just don't like Rebecca Black neither hate her though.

Hahaha anyways,that's it i guess?Most are my random things :)
Hope you guys enjoy this update and will talk to you soooonnnn.
Enjoy your FRIDAY!Cause i'll be Gettin down on Friday cause we we we so excited!!
Hahaha kayyy

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