Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday!! Another boring day!

Hiii again :)
 Hope you all out there are enjoying your school term holiday.I'm not :( 
I'm freaking bored!No one to go out with...Haiihhh...all i do at home is watch tv,computer and all those normal stuff.
Cooked kimchi soup for dinner :) 
 Baked a cheese cake.Kind of fail T.T because i mix it too long so the mascarpone became lumpy!!
I'll do better next time for sure :)
 Watched criminal minds since morning~ 

Still waiting for my sister to get back from Malaysia!! I want my stuff so badly!!
If she doesn't buy it,i'll order it from <-- Really cheap and trustable site  :)

As you all can see,i've changed my background to pink ^^ Hehehe
I think i just need to change it because my previous background looks so dull and dark.

Okiiieeee!!!I'm going to end this now.Kinda short,nothing to say so yeaa .... :)
 Will be posting again!!
Byeee :)

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