Friday, March 11, 2011

Purple Smokey Look :)

Hi everyone ^^
 So i've been busy lately.Had tuition,family outing,etc...
 So i wanted to make my version on how to make a purple smokey look mostly on monolids because i am a monolid,but double lids would work too ^^
Its my first tutorial!! ><
I'm not a professional,so please comment on what i should improve :) 
 If you all are wondering where i got the make ups,some can be found in Brunei,some can't.

1. I have already put bb cream,concealer and loose powder.
2. I've already put primer on the lids so that the eyeshadow last longer.
 3. As for the base,i use a purple eyeshadow ( Faceshop,FaceIt eyeshadow) and i wet it so it gives a darker color than the original and i put it all over my lid up till my crease only.

 This is how it should look like for monolids.  

4. Use a shimery silver eyeshadow ( KATE ) and apply it above the purple.

4. Use a black eyeshadow ( Faceshop ) and apply it at the ends of your eyes to sort of make it into a v - shape and wing it out alittle and blend it with the purple eyeshadow.

Double Lid                                                   Monolid

Sorry if can't really see the black eyeshadow at the end for the monolid picture. 
It looks really nice with a double lid because of the winged out effect at the end :)

5. Use an angle brush and apply black eyeshadow at the bottom of your water line reaching 1/3 and then a purple eyeshadow till the tear duct.

 6. Apply a liquid/gel liner as thin as possible and follow the shape as your eyeshadow and also on your waterline reaching halfway.You can also tightline so that your eyelashes would appear thicker.

 7.  You can use false eyelashes if you want to :) 

Here is the finish look :)
 It looks abit difference from the above because this is my right eye.

  This look is great for a night look. :) I use this everytime i have occasions,dinner,party ,etc :)

For the lips,i use a nude lipstick so it won't overpower the eyes as you want people to notice the eyes more and also a peachy pink blush ( Rimmel ) on the apples of my cheeks :) 

Hope you guys like it ^^ 

Byee xo.

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