Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

On Friday,11th March 2011,an earthquake together with a tsunami had hit Japan,Sendai and Tokyo.
After hearing the news,me and my family watch the news on CNN and BBC for the tragic disaster.
Watching how the water just look like its pouring on Sendai,its seriously really sad.
I am really sorry for those who faced this tsunami in Japan and hopefully friends and family would be save.
I pray for the tsunami to stop moving onto other countries.
We should all pray for Japan.
As i watch the disaster happening,i questioned myself,Why is this happening?Why is the world doing this to everyone?,Can't we live in a peaceful place?
 For those who are under no tsunami warnings or threats,we are really blessed as we know it could be me,you or any else who is facing this tragic disaster.
For those who wants to help the Japan,all you can do is PRAY.
As you know,natural disasters will spread in the near future.By praying,you could change what's happening now cause we all know that GOD will be listening to our prayers.
 Till now,the news says that the waves might not stop just yet.It might continue on for more.
As one teen said on the news , ' Prepare for the worst but also hope for the best.'

 I give my condolences to Japan.Hoping for a better future to come. :) 

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