Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kaizen :)

Hi again!! :D
 So i went to a japanese restaurant called Kaizen Sushi.I heard its very popular and alot of people say the food quality is much better than excapade's.
 So my family and i went there for dinner last night.
The food was very filling,really good and fresh but the price is kind of expensive for me,i guess.
Here are some pictures :)

The salmon sashimi is super fresh and delicious :) I love this!!
Tuna sushi roll.The fish is so pink :D


Chicken Teriyaki that my mum ordered :)
Bento set that i ordered :) Soo full when i ate this >< 

The green tea ice-cream in Kaizen is really good. :) The texture is really smooth.
 Kaizen Sushi is a really good restaurant to eat at which has fine dining and good quality of food.
Should try eating here if you haven't. :)

 That's kind of it for my last night dinner.
Had tuition just now and ate at Le Taj for dinner.
 That's it for now :) 

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