Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just like any other Sunday.

Hey everyone ^^
 I got really bored so i decided to post alittle bit. :)
 Nothing much happened today.
My sister had to leave Brunei for a business trip to Kuala Lumpur.I wish i could go too. T.T
 So i asked her to buy for me some cosmetics in KL that i can't buy in Brunei.
Hopefully she will buy what i wrote on the list.
My brother came back around 12pm with a box of fun donut.I didn't eat breakfast or lunch at that time so what the hay,i ate 1 of it.Really sweet >< but it's alright.Hahaa...
 Been look at reviews,hauls,swatches etc on youtube.I'm kind of fond of baby pink or nude pink lipsticks and some of them are revlon,maybelline and other drugstore products that i can find here,so i was really anxious to go out and find all those.Hopefully i can go out with someone soon and have a shopping spree :)

My mom didn't cook because she was tired from her lecture this morning.So i might be cooking for myself today.Holidays are almost coming,finally i don't have to wake up early for school.
Just to tell you guys what i'm going to do tomorrow is mostly school,had to go for sport heats at the padang for my red crescent club.
Nothing much to say right nowmso i'm going to end here and hoping to talk more :)

 Byee for now.

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