Thursday, March 17, 2011


My internet was cut off for 3 days i think? So i didn't get to blog :(
 But i finally can now :D Hahaha

Today was my last day of school!! Finally~ 
Some school had their last day in school but ours was CrossCountry :D
Everyone had aerobics before running.Was pretty awesome because the songs that they were playing makes you hyper and all. Hahaha

As a member of the red crescent club,there were lots of things to be done.Lots of people that were injured.
 At the end of the race when everyone was back to the multi-purpose court,it was time for the medals.
Most of the ones that got places were Hollis and Danson.
Finally for once in many years,Hollis managed to get first!! :D 
 Still looking forward for the Sports Day and tug of war!! 

  After the CrossCountry,came back home at 10am and made some hotcakes :) 
I bought a ready made flour at SupaSave and decided to try if its nice.

The picture above looks like the one on the box that i bought.
It will never look exactly like that..Trust me!!

LOL IT looks soo weird!! Its 2 pieces btw...hehehe
 But it taste really good :) Since its like a ready made flour.

Had tuition at around 3.00pm till 7.15pm. Long right?
 And ate dinner and blah blah blah~~~
 That's kind of it for my day :) 
Will blog again soon :) 



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