Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM :) ♥

I was really bored yesterday so i've made a necklace :)
 I just took whatever is broken in my sister's room and put them together :D

 This is how it looks like :)
To make the necklace i just use 2 tiny sized ribbon strings and a chain and do a braid on them and it will end up like that.For the ribbon,i just took my sister's ribbon that she doesn't wants and pin it on the lace.It has a pin at the back of the ribbon so you can just take it out whenever i like.No glue is use to make this so its easy :D 


 Today's a really special day because its my MOM's BIRTHDAY!!! 
May you live long and happy!!
 We're going to have a nice dinner tonight for sure :)

How i wished i could post up a photo that has my mom and me in it.But it's not in the lappy i'm using now :(
 But it's okay ^^ Hehehehe

Going to have tuition later >< Damn man,tuition during the holidays?It sucks.
 Till here :)

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